14th February, 2020

Kaneez Surka and Zikrr

Kaneez Surka:

Kaneez Surka, is a South African improv artist and a YouTuber. She is famous for her puns, laughter and her Hindi. She started her career with the show The Week That Wasn't.
Having such an artist is nothing but a privilege for us.


ZIKRR is a Sufi-Rock band by choice, we draw our inspiration from varied aspects of the aforementioned musical genres mixing it with a hint of Bollywood to create a sound which separates us from the rest. We aim to mix both 'Divinity' and 'Groove' to give our listeners an unforgettable experience and Hence our motto, 'Music Jiska Zikrr Ho!'. The main focus is on making music which appeals to both the ‘Almighty’ and Man alike. We combine ‘Divinity’ and ‘Groove’ to make a style of music powerful enough to make feet move and hands to rise. We try and create a melodious yet grungy sound inspired from Hard Rock, Jazz, Blues & Pop immersed in lyrically strong ‘Sufiana’ music. Our sound includes intensively foot tapping grooves, raging Guitar solos, Heavy Bass and Drums and the odd instrumental solo thrown into the Mix.

Catch him performing live on 15th February 2019 at SymFiesta, the Annual National Youth Festival of Symbiosis Law School, Noida.


15th February, 2020

DJ Shadow and DJ Carnivore

DJ Shadow:
A fest is incomplete without thrilling and exciting songs and an exciting DJ night. Everyone loves grooving to amazing EDMs by good artists. The sound of an EDM makes you sway off your feet and makes you move to the rhythm. So , get ready to dance your hearts out on the tunes of one of the eminent DJ , DJ Shadow Dubai and feel the thrill and enthusiasm.

DJ Carnivore:
A great lover of drums and bass, Dj Carnivore makes people fall in love with these with a greater intensity. He brings a different feeling and a jolly smile on each and every individual's face. His every beat of drum energizes people. With his unique and fresh style, he brings the enthusiasm of drums and bass to everyone.
We are very excited to experience the same energy and joy with DJ Carnivore.


16th February, 2020

Nash Jr. and Naezy

Nash Jr.:

Nash JR, the talented DJ, started at the age of 16 and has come a long way since. He began his career with the old school Hip- Hop. The 23 year old talented man has gained lot of love and affection among the bass heads. We are more than delighted to have Nash JR with us.


Which youngster of today is untouched from songs and raps? We are all aware of the recent film, Gully Boy, which is in some way based on the rapper Naezy. Overcoming all his life struggles and challenges at home and society, Naved Shaikh urf Naezy has been winning our hearts since 2014 through his hip hop songs and raps. His songs and raps are not solely for the purpose of entertainment but also spread awareness amongst youth. We are very excited and enthusiastic to have THE RAPPER NAEZY amongst us.