We are always taught to never compare. We were told that competition is good, but only if it’s healthy. For us, healthy competition is when we forget others and begin competing with ourselves. Keeping this basic principle in mind,
we have been working smartly towards our goals since 2014. With each passing year, the number of students participating in this annual cultural youth festival has risen, pointing towards the increased enthusiasm, excitement and zeal.

Hence you’ve seen us growing with every edition, just one notch higher. After all the planning, promotion and management, we happily stand before the world to reveal the next edition –

Symfiesta’20: Safarnama: A Journey of Celebrations

7.7 billion people, 7.7 billion souls. Each soul carries within, the spirit of festivity. Every single culture in the world has its own way of celebrating the vast history they carry. Mardi Gras is celebrated to enjoy the last festive meal before the Christians start fasting. With the historic believes, the new talent too is appreciated through these festivals. Coachella celebrates the showcasing of the new talents in the field of music and dance. Symfiesta’20 celebrates such festivity this time. Celebrating such a festive vibe, the theme of this year is Safarnama- A Journey of Celebrations. Safarnama will take us through some of the iconic festivals of world. The foodie within will celebrate every second of Mardi Gras, whereas the joyous spirit will make the throwing of tomatoes a little better. Safarnama will make the three days of Symfiesta’20 a memory worth remembering. Get your festive souls ready, because it’s Symfiesta time!